One of my favourite ways of demonstrating how bicycle racing is like jazz is to propose that the spaces between the notes are as important as the notes themselves; everyone from Bill Evans to Tom Boonen has shown this to be the case. More often than any reasonable person could predict, what happens between what happens is what is really happening. That’s the photography of Taz Darling.

Bill Strickland – Edior in chief of Bicycling Magazine 


Taz has been described as, “An inquisitive photographer with an eye for the unexpected” and as such uses her instinct to shoot the strange, humorous moments in daily life that can go unnoticed. A strong documentary approach and a love of chaos, means that her images are atmospheric, intimate and complex – a little like those outtakes sometimes hidden at the end of movie credits.

Taz has an empathetic view on the world, not just for what’s going on around her, but for the people she photographs, being a firm believer in Robert Capa’s mantra, “Like the people you shoot and let them know it.” Taz’s approach to work is grounded in her experience, having photographed a broad spectrum of narrative and commercial projects, all around the globe, over the past fifteen years.

Clients include.


Bike Mechanic
All photography
Published by Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9781408189894

Picture editor
Published by Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9781408181669

Rouleur Photography Annual
Contributing photographer
Published by Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9781408181652